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Day out with my Bubble


Yesterday I had a great day out with my dear friend Celeste and her little girl Sophia.  We took our little ones to Clapham to the Bees Knees play area.  I loved it there and so did little LJ.  There was a slide so that meant that she would tire herself out nicely.  We followed our activities with a walk around Clapham, lunch at ASDA and a nice chilled glass of wine at a pub while my little one slept and Sophia entertained us nicely.  What a great day out!

Time to plan a tea party


I am currently in the process of planning a wonderful tea party for my little one.  I have been scouting around for ideas and have to say in the last few days Google has been my friend.  The invitation was done via a website I use for all email invites called Punchbowl.  To check it out go to
I have also done a lovely treasury list of ideas in my Etsy shop.  Check out some of the amazing things I have found.  I posted some of them here!