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Chickenpox, heels and tea parties

Today I am home with my little one again. The spots are looking so much better and tomorrow she will be off to the nursery for 3 more days before her summer holiday starts.



1/52 Weeks of Thankful

This week has been a very intresting week.  It was a long work week and there was many highs and lows.

Here are the things I am thankful for this week:

1.  Chicken Pox - yes chicken pox.  My 3 year old got chicken pox this week so I am kinda relieved that this will be over and done with.

2.  Husband - I have one very amazing husband.  Without question he looked after my daughter this week while I had to pull the crazy hours this week.  Also he has a new job!  So thankful and proud of him!

3.  Working in London.  Ok a bit of an odd one if you think of the journey I have to take during rush hour each day but if you look at these pictures I am sure you can understand why.