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The Princess and the Pumpkin...

A Knitaboo Treat...

Rainy days and the Hummingbird Bakery Recipe Book

A while ago myself and my daughter's godmother got the Hummingbird Bakery Recipe book and decided to make some cupcakes with my daughter.  I'm not a baker, my husband get's worried when I decide to hit the kitchen but with the assistance of my awesome friend we were able to make these amazing Hot Chocolate Cupcakes!  My daughter loved it and was excited when she could start using her sprinkles to decorate.  There was a lot of sugar highs that day!

Summer's End

After all the chaos that the Olympics brought to our lives in August we were blessed with a complimentary stay at my husband's work.  We were upgraded to one of Crowne Plaza Dockland's Suites which gave us fantastic views over the Victoria Docks and the Emirates Airline Cable Car (which I didn't lucky have to do again, although my husband and daughter did it twice!).  It was a fantastic finish to the summer and we had so much fun!

Good bye Summer!