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Getting into the Olympic Spirit

Knitaboo has gotten into the spirit of things with these cute little crowns and the awesome creativity of Lauren Hillhouse Photography

A proud mommy moment...

Ok I know it is Wednesday but I finally have found the time and a USB connector for  my (sorry!), our new camera.  It was a bit of drama taking it out with us on the Sunday on our BIG day out and took some convincing of the Husband that it will be fine....

We had a great train journey into London with the Ickle Pickle being on her best behaviour (shhhh...let's not jinx it!), we then popped into John Lewis on Oxford street for a quick breakfast and then went to Things British to do a shelf re-shuffle.

Then my biggest challenge of the day arrived.  I had to do the cable car!  I got on it but kept my eyes closed for 95% of the journey plus squeezing my husband's hand so there was no blood flow.  Obviously my daughter loved it, cried when we got off but then soon got over it as we arrived at my husband's work.

And this is what happened....

Excitement is building


My excitement has been building all week and this will be classed as the longest wait till pay day ever!  Last weekend we were slightly sad as we sold our car, it was my first car and us as a husband and wife's biggest purchase together.  So after long discussions and deciding what to do with the money we decided to put it towards something tangible and thanks to my friend Lauren (the awesome photographer over at Lauren Hillhouse Photography) she helped us search for the perfect camera to hopefully in a just a few hours (ok more like 10am tomorrow!) we should hopefully be picking up this wonderful treat!

I hope Lauren knows that she will have to teach me how to use this!


I am currently working on my stripe hat collection - this is next to my spot addiction Cath Kidston Style.  What do you think?

Inspiration Tiffany's style