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It's a wrap!

Here is the latest addition to my Etsy Shop.  If you are a photographer or a budding baby photographer and would be interested in one of these then do pop over to or alternatively leave a comment with your details and I will send you a custom link for payment!

Crazy Week

Well it has been a crazy week and one I thought would never end.  I had a tooth ache over the weekend and on Monday it turned into a full abscess which included a stomach bug that went round and now I am getting a cold.  I think this is the price I am paying for the long hours at work

So today I thought I would finish off some items I have been working on and do some more practice on my product photography.  It's still not as great as the photographer that I use but it is getting better.  What do you think?  Still need to work on my lighting...

Coasters or bunting?

I made these a while ago and I am not sure if I should keep this as coasters for my cups of coffee or if I should make some more into bunting for the little ones room.  What do you think?