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Happy Eater!

Well, my Thursday started off badly but quickly turned into a high when I got a message from my husband saying he won an iPad 2 at work (this became my very belated birthday present and future wedding present)

The bunny I meant to crochet did not turn out the way I liked so had to unravel it so no cute "Happy Easter" card for this year...maybe next year!

So after being woken twice at 5.30 in the morning so far on this long weekend we are currently all sitting on the couch (LJ more laying on my husbands legs) watching another Disney movie while I am getting to grips with the new toy in the house.

What are you all up to?

My first baby prop photo shoot!

So much have happened since my last blog and I will fill you in on it shortly (it includes having to knit 40 baby booties!)

A friend of mine, Angel, borrowed some of my items for an upcoming photo shoot of a very adorable baby girl.

Are they not amazing?  You can find more of Angel's work at

My Ta Dah Moment...

Ok, my Ta-Dah moment does not consist of me creating something wonderful but more me falling for a marketing campaign.  Due to recent cut backs in the Parsons household I have not been able to invest in my all time favourite Bobbi Brown Foundation so I had to come up with a different solution.

The Boots No7 ad for the skin match foundation service kept appearing on TV and I thought that

1.  I don't have time for this
2. No way will a cheaper foundation work on my skin

Yes, my skin is slightly weird in the fact that depending on the season it can either be dry or oily.  It never stays at one or the other so walking into a Pharmacy to just buy a off the shelf foundation just doesn't work.

So after hanging around the counter at our large Boots store and seeing about 2 people getting their skin tested and being transformed I was blown away.  I lifted my chin and asked the wonderful Lady on the counter to do "The Test"

Can I say I was completely sold?  It's even better than any previous foundation that I used before and great value for money.  My skin is not flaking and it doesn't feel like I am wearing anything.  It also lasts!  Which is great for me because I sit in an air conditioned office and regularly have to pop out to see client's coming in to view our space.

Here it Ta Dah!!!