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Still one of my favourites

These booties are still one of my favourites and I have brought it back for this summer so go check out my Etsy Shop

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So I have been a bit busy this week.  Some of it with reading and learning lots more but unfortunately most of it was taken up with work.  My 8 hours of work was quickly made up by my exceptionally long days on Wednesday and Thursday.

Last Monday while the little one took her off for a nap (yes a nap!  I was shocked!) I tried to do some product photography.  Ok it isn't as good as the ones my dear friend over at Lauren Hillhouse Photography normally does for me but I thought it was an ok beginning.  What do you think?

One thing I know I need to change is the location of where I take the photographs.  I will definitely need to move to the other side of the lounge where the big window is.

Editing is another hard one.  I have no idea what I am doing!  I would prefer not to edit at all just to crop but hey that is probably still a while off.  Fingers crossed it does get better with the next batch.

Found this...

I found this saying on Melody's Making Facebook page and reading this definitely took me on a trip down memory lane.

I have fond memories of sitting next to my mother (or sometimes on top of her just like my daughter does!) when she was doing her knitting and crocheting.  When it was time to sew I hid underneath the sewing table or would find a corner in the sewing room with a book or toys.  I used to make dolls clothes out of the odd bits of fabric that was left.

What fond memories do you have when reading this sign?  Does it remind you of where you came from and why you are doing what your doing?  It really does for me!

Fond Memories

An Easter Treat from Knitaboo


Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

A Selection of booties

I have been looking at some of the past items that I have done and sold (still available though if you are interested!)  I thought I would share them with you...which ones do you like?

Mother's Day 2014

It has been way to long since I have had time to do a blog post and finally today I have some time!  I don't know where the time has gone and cannot believe it is already April.

Mother's Day was a quiet one in our house.  I didn't get a chance to be lazy in bed instead I had to come down for play time while Daddy was told he can sleep (child logic)

It was a good day though.  We played lots, did our nails and then had the in-laws over for lunch.

One of my daughter's favourite toys are her Busy Books.  She has about 5 of them but they are so great for the imagination and keeps her busy for quite a nice amount of time.  I love hearing the stories she comes out with!

Then it was some mommy time and we got to do her nails.  I love Essie nail colour and have a nice little selection.  We picked these colours though.  I went for the grey and she went for the deep red. It was so nice to have this little girlie moment...