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What a surprise from Google

While I was doing some google searches I hovered over the Google Doodle and look what it showed!

Holiday...Day 1

You might see more blog posts from me over the next coming days as I am at home and loving the time with my daughter and playing with the camera ( I still have a long way to go to meet the photo quality of the amazing blogs that are out there!)

So Day 1 so far involved house cleaning, washing a pile of dishes and my daughter disappearing upstairs.  I went up after a few minutes of silence and found her playing with my make up.  I just had to grab the camera!


Blue it is then

Mommy, Daddy, Lucie!

Now I am going to jump on the bed and make Mommy take pictures

Having chocolate milk and watching Tinkerbell

Snow, long days, a cold and one very long day...TWINS!

So what an exciting week it has been.  First there was a snow day on Monday.  Daddy stayed at home with LJ and got to play in the snow...

I had to do some extremely long hours at work as needed to get ready for things picking up as life returns back to normal after the festive season but with the long days and snotty noses (my cold really kicked in by Wednesday)  my wonderful friend Emma gave birth to two gorgeous little girls!  All natural on top of that.  So impressed.  If we still had our car I would have been on my way right now to go and see her (minus the cold of course!)

Well after the hustle and bustle this week as well as Friday not finishing until 8.30pm and getting home at 10pm I can now finally say I am off for a week. So looking forward to spending it with my family and friends.  I have a birthday coming up too!  (Hair dye coming out tonight to hide the extra grey)

So this bag would be on my wish list...but which colour?

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

On Friday I finally I got my wish of lots of snow.  Where my desk sits at work I have a great view to the outside world and was able to see all the flurries coming down.  At about 10.15 I got that dreaded call from the Nursery but in some ways there was a hint of excitement because I got to experience the snow with my amazing daughter.

I still remember last year when she refused to walk in it or touch it and she had to be carried everywhere.  This year was so different.  Her little face was a picture when I finally got to her and for the first time in a while she was in a rush to leave the nursery.  Her first words when we got outside and the snow started falling on her was "It tickles!"

On the way home there was lots of little snowmen being built by LJ.  Then snow being chucked about. We finally got in doors and she could not wait for Daddy to get home.

Saturday we headed out into the garden to go and enjoy the snow.  It was hard to get her back in doors but we lured her in with a lovely mug of hot chocolate and for mommy?  A lovely cup of coffee!

Busy little Bee

What a terribly long week it has been.  I actually slept in!  Normally I would be downstairs by 6am the latest to work on something.  I did wake up at about 5.30 but the bed was just too warm!  I was hoping though when I peaked out the window we would have some snow...but no luck.  Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow.  Bring on the Snow!  There has to be a reason for being so cold and I know with the dull winter snow tends to perk things up, it brings excitement.  My little one keeps looking out the window hoping the snow will fall.

Photo by Angel Abhayaratna

Hello 2013!

Ok, I know I am slightly late with this post...5 days to be exact but I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy and Prosperous 2013!  May your creativity flow and your business bloom!