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Bring on the Snow!

I have just posted these new booties on my Etsy store.  As much as I am currently loving the sunshine part of me can't wait to see a picture of a little one in these beautiful baby UGG style booties.

The dark brown pair is made from King Cole bamboo.  It is a good wool, great to work with and it has that eco theme going for it as well as it is made from bamboo.  Bamboo has no problem in growing anywhere!

The beige ones are made from Sirdar Recycled Cotton.  It is called Cork and the wool is made from recycled T-shirts.  How great is that!!!

One day I hope to make as many things in my shop as eco friendly that I can - even down to the needles that I use.  Wouldn't that be great?

I am working on some more colours - grey, pink and blue.  I wonder how a dark green would look.  Might need to find some wool and knit some.

Hope you like them too!

New Items on Etsy


New Addition to my etsy shop!!

Lucy's Ballet Shoes Part 1

Once upon a time there was this beautiful little girl called Lucy, she dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer and everyday when she went for a walk with her daddy to go buy some milk she would walk past a shop that had the most beautiful pink ballet shoes hanging in the window.

Everyday as they came past the shop Lucy would pull her hand free and push her face right up against the window and stare at the beautiful pink shoes.  "One day they will be mine, one day I will be able to twirl in them!"  She thought to herself.  "Lucy my love it is time to go"  Sighing she pulled away from window knowing that for now those shoes are just out of her reach.  She didn't want to ask her parents either, she knew money was tight but maybe just maybe she can find a way...Dad took one look at the shoes and felt pain go through his heart because he could not provide for now what his daughter so dearly wanted.