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Photo shoot


Last week I had a photo shoot for some updated Knitaboo products.  My lovely photographer, Lauren, did an impromptu photo shoot of Lucie-Jo.  The photographs came out fantastic, even with a mouth covered in cookie crumbs!  I can't wait to see the result from the new products I made.  Below are the results...

Things British


I recently found out about Things British through the wonderful team of Britsh Sellers on Etsy.  The process was easy and the people that own the store was very helpful.  Darrell and his team where patient with all my questions and I know my products are in good hands.

Labels were designed by The Design Boat which has added a new diminution to Knitaboo and how I present my product.  The Avatar that was designed is great and I am hoping to get it printed on material so that I can stitch that on.

Things British is a great concept and I know that it is a company that will go from strength to strength.  I think in the current climate that people with realise that supporting that which is at our door step is the way forward.  Mass produced items do make things cheaper but we need to reduce our consumption of natural resources and reduce our waste.  I know sometimes I am guilty of that too but I as my daughter is growing up there are things that I need for her to learn and understand.

For more on Things British please visit:

For more on The Design Boat please visit:  

Day out with my Bubble


Yesterday I had a great day out with my dear friend Celeste and her little girl Sophia.  We took our little ones to Clapham to the Bees Knees play area.  I loved it there and so did little LJ.  There was a slide so that meant that she would tire herself out nicely.  We followed our activities with a walk around Clapham, lunch at ASDA and a nice chilled glass of wine at a pub while my little one slept and Sophia entertained us nicely.  What a great day out!

Time to plan a tea party


I am currently in the process of planning a wonderful tea party for my little one.  I have been scouting around for ideas and have to say in the last few days Google has been my friend.  The invitation was done via a website I use for all email invites called Punchbowl.  To check it out go to
I have also done a lovely treasury list of ideas in my Etsy shop.  Check out some of the amazing things I have found.  I posted some of them here!

Dean City Farm


What an awesome day this was!  Just a shame the girls missed out on the pony ride and the petting zoo.  

Bring on the Snow!

I have just posted these new booties on my Etsy store.  As much as I am currently loving the sunshine part of me can't wait to see a picture of a little one in these beautiful baby UGG style booties.

The dark brown pair is made from King Cole bamboo.  It is a good wool, great to work with and it has that eco theme going for it as well as it is made from bamboo.  Bamboo has no problem in growing anywhere!

The beige ones are made from Sirdar Recycled Cotton.  It is called Cork and the wool is made from recycled T-shirts.  How great is that!!!

One day I hope to make as many things in my shop as eco friendly that I can - even down to the needles that I use.  Wouldn't that be great?

I am working on some more colours - grey, pink and blue.  I wonder how a dark green would look.  Might need to find some wool and knit some.

Hope you like them too!

New Items on Etsy


New Addition to my etsy shop!!

Lucy's Ballet Shoes Part 1

Once upon a time there was this beautiful little girl called Lucy, she dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer and everyday when she went for a walk with her daddy to go buy some milk she would walk past a shop that had the most beautiful pink ballet shoes hanging in the window.

Everyday as they came past the shop Lucy would pull her hand free and push her face right up against the window and stare at the beautiful pink shoes.  "One day they will be mine, one day I will be able to twirl in them!"  She thought to herself.  "Lucy my love it is time to go"  Sighing she pulled away from window knowing that for now those shoes are just out of her reach.  She didn't want to ask her parents either, she knew money was tight but maybe just maybe she can find a way...Dad took one look at the shoes and felt pain go through his heart because he could not provide for now what his daughter so dearly wanted.


I am currently sitting here and contemplating my need to finish either the blanket or should I say blankets, the cardigan or work on the booties I had in mind but then at some point I have to stitch this all together...sigh.  The little one is currently fast asleep which means I get breathing space on being able to do these things and to be on the computer without little fingers trying to interfere...what to do; what to do??

A new arrival

A dear friend of mine is due to have a baby soon.  Funny how it creates little twinges and suddenly makes you feel the need to do it all over again yourself. Yes, I am feeling the need to add another to my family.

But for now I feel content by just adding to my ever growing shop.  I knit with that same excitement of "How is it going to look like?"  ""Did I do it right?"  "Did I give it my best, nurture it, love it?"  My answer is always yes.  I feel a sense of such truimph when I cast off that last stitch and hold it up but the best I feeling is when I am able to post it on shop and send it out into the big wide world.

I am currently knitting a beautiful baby blanket for someone that wants to give it as a gift to a friend who is having a little boy soon.  I hope the blanket brings that mum to be just as much joy when she wraps her little bundle of joy in the softness of the wool.

Be her Freedom

"Be her Freedom" - what a title to a blog and what an empowering statement to put out there in the world.  Not something I can take credit for but you can check out more information on this at

There you learn more about Sex Trafficking and Slavery. The statistics are mind blowing. It is the largest global organized crime today in the world and generates an income of up to $12 billion.  These women are forced to service up to 40 men a day.  To me the saddest statist is that 99% of the victims never get rescued.  This is scary and when I look at my beautiful little girl it scares me that this is the world that she grows up in.

But the good news is we can help, one person at a time - it will make a difference.  The sisterhood website gives you ideas of what you can do as an individual to raise awareness in your area and to those that are close to you.

Here is another shocking fact (for those living in Croydon) - Croydon has the highest rate of sex trafficking in the Greater London are if not the UK.  This is on my back door and I cannot turn a blind eye to this.

Knitaboo will find a way to raise awareness and make a would you??

Colour your world

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Colour Conference at the Wembley Arena.  I only made it on the Thursday but I was inspired and I realised that we are moving in very significant times.  We cannot close our eyes to what is happening in the world.  As Bobbie Houston said the earth is in pain and it is time for us to step up.

Just doing something small can make a big change!


Well, currently disussing the pro's and cons of having a proper website up and running for Knitaboo.  So not sure.  Is it worth just spending that extra bit of money and get a decent website up or is it better to wait???

On Wednesday I posted my first 4 items on etsy.  I have now realised I need to amend the posting for international as it is too high.  Hoping more people with click on it and maybe with a bit of luck someone will buy.

Time to go...little one is crying...

Knitaboo...the journey

Well, here we go.  Knitaboo, what can I say.  A very brave adventure for me and a very scary one.  I am so grateful for the support of my husband, Rachel and Lauren for assisting when assistance is needed.  Without them this won't be possible.

Enough with the soppy side of things now back to the process of writing out the product descriptions and working out the costing of each pair of booties.  Also trying to finish the bespoke item for my friend Debbie.  Hope I get this done before her little one appears!