Friday, 29 June 2012

My to do list this weekend...

Ok so weekend is finally here (yeah!) but oh no it is going to be so short again.  Days like these I wish I was a stay at home mom and not a mom that has to juggle so many things.  If all goes well this weekend I should have hopefully completed the following:

  1. Stitched up all outstanding items
  2. Finished the bow tie
  3. Crocheted a monster hat
  4. Made LJ a party dress
  5. Craft time with LJ
  6. 2 More Crowns
Remind many days in a weekend??

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Crazy Week

What a crazy week it has been!  I don't feel like my feet has touched the ground at all.  I was so looking forward to the weekend as I have a custom order to complete for a little man called Sid.  He is going to his Granma's 60th Birthday and needs to look his best.  So mum got in touch and ordered a Knitted Striped Bow tie.  I was due to start this today but unfortunately have been bogged down with a cold.  Not instead of knitting I worked a bit on my blog.  Changed the font sizes, lettering and so forth.  Still not perfect so this I will label as "work in progress"  Let me know what you think?

Also in this post I wanted to do a shout out to my wonderful friend from Lauren Hillhouse Photography.  She has reached 5000 hits on her blog this week.  Isn't that just awesome?  She is so amazingly talented.  She does my product shoots as well as records all the beautiful memories of my daughter.  Get in touch with her as she is amazing with babies, kids and moms-to-be!  She will provide you with a dream photo shoot!