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Holidays! The first few days...

So after 3 weeks of working 60 hours a week it was time for a family break and we kicked it off by staying at the hotel I work at in London.  We went to parks and to the Natural History Museum.  The weather has been a blessing so far...

Thanks Pinterest

So a little while ago I saw a picture of a woman that posted a picture of what someone did with torn jeans. So when I noticed that my daughter's jeans knees have gone I got out my little sewing kit and some fabric I bought 3 years ago and done nothing with. I will be honest I have no sewing skills and definitely have no confidence in this department but I am working on are some photos of my little project and results from last Sunday....

Vintage teacups and fond memories

When I grew up I remember visiting both my grandmothers and drinking out of thee most beautiful fine china teacups and in the last year my fondness for vintage tea cups got ignited again after a friends birthday party as well as having afternoon tea at the Grosvenor House.  I really want to start a little collection of my own so need to go visit those charities shops, which for now will have to wait while I save some money.  But for now I will just keep pinning these cups!

Beautiful Vintage Teacups....

Easter Sunday fun

Well on Sunday we had a glorious time - went over to the grandparents (in-laws) for Easter Lunch. This led to lots of playing, making Easter decorations and of course chocolate!