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Merry Christmas...Love Knitaboo xoxo

Hope you all are having a great time getting ready for the festive season.  After an interesting year here at Knitaboo we are winding down for Christmas...what is your plans over the festive season?

Welcome to the new Knitaboo!

Hello all,

Hope you are all doing well and surviving the winter half term.  Well as mentioned before I told you about a change that is happening here at Knitaboo.  Yes you guessed!  It's new branding.  Isn't it lovely?

This is just a short post to say Hello New Knitaboo and a big thank you to The Design Boat for working so patiently with me and making my dream come to and help me take that next step.

More about the New and Improved Knitaboo to follow where I will go into more detail about the journey for the last 3 months and how we got here but do let me know what you think!

Over the next couple of weeks you will see some more changes coming through....

Knitaboo: Change, Evolve, Grow

What an exciting time here at Knitaboo.  Knitaboo is going through a change of season, growing and evolving...keep an eye out on our Facebook, Instagram and Blog!

Christmas is coming...

Hard to believe but the other day someone turned around and said we are only 3 months away from Christmas.  I have noticed that in the shops more knitted and crochet decorations appearing so I thought I would add some to Knitaboo.  You will find this in my Etsy shop and All by Mama by Thursday, 1st October.

Summer has come and gone

Wow...just has been so very long since my last blog post and so much has happened.  Here is just a snap shot...hope you like!

Special Delivery!

I always get excited when I find a little red card in my post box and this time was no different.  I ordered some wool from Wool Warehouse as they had a sale and these are the beauties I ordered.  I love Drops yarn and there colours are amazing.  They are not too bad to work with either!

Do you get just as excited about a yarn delivery?



I know I always post pictures of blanket projects that I have started and so far I have only posted of one that I have completed.

Below are some colours of blankets I am working on for Knitaboo.  One is done and I just need to finish off the edging.

My hats go off to all my fellow bloggers that have so much patience to finish these long projects.  What do you think of the colours?

Cute Star booties available at Etsy and All by Mama

These booties are currently  available in my Etsy shop and will be available at All by Mama before the month is out.

Are they not adorable?  I think some grey ones would be lovely too so I will get knitting!

New House....New Space

Okay this post is probably way overdue but it has been a crazy few months (okay crazy 7 months!)

We moved to a new place towards the end of January and we now have a lovely big study which can be split between me and my husband which is great and we now each have our own individual space.

I was also treated to a new desk!  It has moved on a little from the photos below and I plan to really work on it over the next few months to to turn it into a great space to work/be creative.

If you have any suggestions do let me know!

Father's Day via Etsy and All by Mama

With Father's Day coming up I have been going through Etsy and All by Mama to see what wonderful handmade gifts they had to offer and what would be a great gift idea for my wonderful husband.

What do you think of this little collection?  What are your plans for Father's Day?

To view more information on these gifts click the name of the shop below and it will take you directly to the website.
Something for new dads from Madison Design Shop 
Stunning leather wallet from JooJoobs

Cards from Snappy Crocodile
Lovely little box by fromLucy
Made to order Dad Shaving Bowl by B Robertson Pottery

Hello Monday



Half Term

I cannot believe another half term has come to an end.  I only had 1 week with my little girl and a few days with her Daddy but what fun we had.  She was then whisked off by the grand parents to Whitstable.

LJ and I even braved a train journey up to Dartford to visit the my best friend and her awesome Godmother.  We made some lovely painted eggs that day and had a great catch up.

We baked cakes, had some lovely food an played lots.  I had to have a lazy day on the sofa on Easter Monday doing some reading and knitting.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break!

Last nights dinner

So as mentioned in my previous post about Deliciously Ella see the result below. I had to leave out the chickpeas as there was no space. Just put the leftovers in the fridge.

A few of my (recent) favourite things....

I can't believe another half term is upon us and so far this time round no hospital visits.  Today I had a fun day with my little one as Mr P was working.   We went to see Cinderella (with the Frozen short) which we both loved and then Miss LJ went for an eye test.  Happy to report that she will not be getting any glasses like Mummy and Daddy.  She was not happy and made it known to one and all at Specsavers.

Recently I treated myself to a few new things.  One was this lovely milk jug from Cath Kinston.  I love the Ric Rac design.  Definitely takes me back to my child hood.  I have also been meaning to get myself a note book that I can just doodle all my thoughts in.  Don't you just love what it says on the cover?

The final addition is the book by Delicously Ella. I saw this posted on a friend's Facebook page and I had to check out her website.  I found the book at Victoria Station one very early morning and can say I have found it quite lovely and helpful as I have now had to add liver problems to the list.  I have made some hummus so far and made us the Thai Coconut Curry.  It was delicious!  My husband was super impressed.  I will post a picture as soon as I can pull it off the iPad.  My aim with this is to live a cleaner and healthier life.  I am going to build up to it as I don't suddenly want to do it all and then the novelty wears off (I think we have all been there!)

What do you think of my new favourite things?

I added this one from a couple of weeks ago - I want to keep an eye out on how
this tree is changing with the seasons

Love this

Time to doodle away!

So happy I found this!

Happy Friday!


Happy Monday!


Progress on my blanket

I don't know if you remember that last year I started a blanket for myself.  There was about 3 months that I haven't touched it and have now started again.  I still have a very very long way to go.  The blogs that I sometimes stop by always have these photos of amazing blankets that they have made and in one way I feel inspired to pick it all up again and power on but then I start my project and I think where do the find the time and patience?

What do you think of the progress so far?