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Bank Holiday Weekend Offer....



Ready to ship

So it's been a busy weekend. I finished off the below booties ready to be shipped to a new store I am being trialled in.  Very nervous about. It's a great gift shop called Calladoodles (  Check it out! It's situated in a lovely town called Carlshalton

Just I thought I would say....


Holiday is over....

So it was back to work yesterday but the great news is I left on time. This is my new rule no more 50 or 60 hour weeks unless I really have to. It was so nice to drop my little one off at the nursery the last 2 days. The hugs were super cool.

I have also started my no coffee for 21 days as well as limiting my chocolate intake. Let's see if it works,

Currently sitting in Pret enjoying a decaf!

A Picnic in the garden...

So yesterday we had an impromptu picnic in the garden.  I love popping into M&S and getting their little nibble deals that they do.  The 3 for £6 goes down a treat in our house and we normally add some little bits of extras like crisps and some yummy bread.  The weather was gorgeous and we built a tent outside as we all have delicate skins, I still slap on the factor 50 sun cream though just in case.

Hope you are all enjoying this amazing weather!

A mini little project

I have been sitting with the below wooden crate for the last year or so and finally bought the wood varnish to paint it....still not sure what I will do with it once it is finished but I am sure I will find a purpose for my lovely wooden crate!