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So the blanket bug has gotten hold of me.  It's a time consuming project and I can now understand why special handmade blankets are very expensive.  I have decided to now work on adding some to my Shop.

Here is one I am currently working on.  What do you think?  Do you like the colour combo?

Happy Pancake Day!




How time flies

Yesterday we had a tea and cake gathering for our little princess.  She is turning 4 on Wednesday.  How time flies!  I can't believe that on Monday we find out what school she is going to.  Today it also hit me that there will have to be some new time juggling that needs to happen.  What do working mums do if school finishes at 3?  Any ideas??

But apart from that bit of worry (ok I shall follow my new rule of not worrying at all)  We had so much fun!  She really loves her presents (can't currently get her out of her Frozen dress.  The Anna one - Elsa we couldn't find anywhere!)