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Photo shoot


Last week I had a photo shoot for some updated Knitaboo products.  My lovely photographer, Lauren, did an impromptu photo shoot of Lucie-Jo.  The photographs came out fantastic, even with a mouth covered in cookie crumbs!  I can't wait to see the result from the new products I made.  Below are the results...

Things British


I recently found out about Things British through the wonderful team of Britsh Sellers on Etsy.  The process was easy and the people that own the store was very helpful.  Darrell and his team where patient with all my questions and I know my products are in good hands.

Labels were designed by The Design Boat which has added a new diminution to Knitaboo and how I present my product.  The Avatar that was designed is great and I am hoping to get it printed on material so that I can stitch that on.

Things British is a great concept and I know that it is a company that will go from strength to strength.  I think in the current climate that people with realise that supporting that which is at our door step is the way forward.  Mass produced items do make things cheaper but we need to reduce our consumption of natural resources and reduce our waste.  I know sometimes I am guilty of that too but I as my daughter is growing up there are things that I need for her to learn and understand.

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