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A few more hours of being 33

Ok, well in a few hours I will be turning 34...even though my wonderful husband keeps reminding me that age is just a number this week I really felt all of my 33 years. My dad was taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack and my little girl has been ill. Apart from a wonderful weekend it ended up being filled with constant checking of my phone. A little one coughing all through the night and lack of sleep all round. I did end up having fun with my awesome friend Rachel (wonderful designer of the Knitaboo logo and godmother to my daughter). She came over on Friday afternoon and we played around with the sewing machine and for once my little one played along and fell asleep on the couch. Seeing my friend getting to grips with the sewing machine has made my fingers itch...I think I will definately be expanding my sewing skills in 2012!

New Project - New Wool

I received my wool delivery today which was great and really made me wish my work day away. Now I am sitting at home typing away on my laptop (instead of cleaning) so I can get ready to start my little project tonight....I love the colours. The project is a personal one and a brave one I think.

Meet Bunny 21

I decided towards the end of last year that I want my little shop to have a conscious.  I also became the Charity Champion at work which I did not realise was going to be another job in itself!  But I am happy to do it and if I can make a difference then why not.

So I was thinking of a charity to I would like to donate to.  I have always wanted to find away to support the A21 campaign, get the word out on the street of what they do and what a difference they make so with my skill of knitting I decided to make this beautiful bunny, fill it with lots of softness and love.  I will be donating 25% of the sale of each Bunny to the A21 campaign.  Isn't it nice to know when you buy something you are also giving?  I love it!

We had the photo shoot for Bunny on Saturday.  Lauren (Lauren Fisher Photography) came over and we had so much fun taking the pictures, although my daughter kept trying to steel it when we weren't looking!

I hope you love this Bunny as I love making it.  Please pop over to Etsy and Folksy to purchase this for a upcoming baby shower or why not for yourself if you love Bunnies!

A Trip down memory lane


I found these pictures...the memories....

Wool...glorious wool


I bought this wonderful wool from Loop in Angel and just knitted a baby cocoon for my friend the amazing photographer Lauren Hillhouse.  Can't wait for her to see it!

Happy New Year

As day 2 starts of 2012 I found myself typing away on my laptop while the family is fast asleep upstairs.  I have been thinking about 2012 in the last week in 2011 and wondered what I want to achieve next year, personally, career wise and for Knitaboo.

One of the key things for me for 2012 will be to learn how to sew.  I would love to make my little girl some dresses and cute little things.  Maybe a promotion at work will be nice too!

Well for Knitaboo I have set the following resolutions:
1.  Really make an effort with Folksy
2.  Increase shop views
3. Increase sales
4. Maybe even a second shop shelf
5. 1 Blog post a week with more funky pictures (maybe I should have asked Santa for a lovely camera instead)

Here is to a wonderful 2012!  I know it is going to be a great one!