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My Advent Calendar Fail

Firstly I wanted to say thank you for everybody that stopped by to look at the advent calendar that I was meant to do.  I kinda got stuck on Day 13 as life took over and I just could not find the time to do this. So a HUGE thank you to all of you.

Lesson learned was not to s tart something that you know your just not going to be able to do.  So fingers crossed for 2014 life will be a bit more organised.

I have already started working on my new years resolutions.  Have you?  One will for sure include writing on my blog more, writing more about the items that I am making for my shop and supporting the blogger/small business community.

Did you all have a good Christmas though?  Did Santa drop off the presents that you wanted?

Cuddle Me!

Day 13: My Handmade Decorations Treasury List


While I am sitting with my knee up on my sofa I have created this treasury list.  Oh yes!  You don't know..yesterday at work I did some sliding across the reception floor...saved my coffee though :)

Hope you enjoy and if you want to see the full list then just click on this link:

Day 11: Dear Santa, Mommy would like

What is on your list?

Day 8&9&10


Day 7: It's Weekend Baby

I am so happy it is I can look at my lovely Christmas Tree all day!

Day 6:Kindness

Today remember to be kind to your neighbour, your work colleague or the person next to you on the train xxx

The second picture was taken on my way home from work. I am a very lucky lady to be working in Trafalgar Square and seeing that tree cheered me up to no end as I was preparing myself for the train delays home.

Day 5: Little things

To me there is nothing that shouts Christmas more like the arrival of a few (commercial) things like the John Lewis TV ad, the Coco Cola TV ad and of course the Red Cups from Starbucks. Sad to say me and a few of my friends do get pretty excited when these red cups start appearing in our favourite Starbucks Coffee Shop.

These things just ad some sparkle to a gloomy looking London. What things do you see and wait for to appear to remind you we are almost there for Festiveties to begin?

Day 4: It's the season to make a difference

Christmas is the season where we exchange presents with people we love. Then there are the people we don't know that we can give a gift too, make a change in their life and help give them a great Christmas too.

What if you can do both? I know there there are a lot of shops that do it so keep an eye out. My Bunny 21 is just an example of what you can find.

Remember: Small things can lead to big change...


Day 3: Blessed beyond measure

Today I am reminded of all the wonderful things in my life even as I get up at 5am to work on her blanket. My husband got up too for support as well as the little one.  Blessed indeed xxx

Day 2: A kiss....



Day 2 of 24


Christmas Songs, a warm house and family

Each decoration received a kiss before being added

Love these mushrooms!


My advent Calendar

Well I took some photos of us putting up the Christmas tree and some festive decorations but unfortunately my computer is playing up. Hopefully an Apple Genius can fix it for me.   

So for now you just have to accept Day 1 is a picture of yesterday...hope you like