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Help!...Inspiration needed

A while ago we did some re-jigging of the house and the once study has now become a storage and laundry room.  In return for this I set up a desk in our bedroom and brought some of my craft stuff into our room.  My dilemma?  I need to make this little nook mine. Add some inspirational things that makes it a fun spot to sit and work and craft and maybe even learn to sew (yes, I bought that machine and keep putting it off!)

What do you think I should do to make this space a truly awesome and inspirational nook that is mine!

New Items coming soon...

I made some items for the lovely Lauren Hillhouse Photography as a thank you for all the amazing photos she has taken for me and she has encouraged me to start selling these...What do you think??

I know I am a bit early but...Happy Valentines Day!

Yes, yes I know I am slightly early and also didn't post as much during my holidays but somehow time ran away with me but I just know on Thursday I am not going to get a chance to post on my blog

So on a more positive note...

**There is currently only 1 of this hat.  The size is newborn.  If you wish to purchase this hat please do contact me.  70% of the sale of this hat will be donated to the A21 campaign**

Let's spread some L.O.V.E!