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Restful weekend

This weekend has been lovely. We went to my wonderful friend Rachel's house over in Dartford. The weather wasn't great but it was just nice to get away from 80 hour weeks and illness. It is always so great to catch up with her and her husband. There is no need to entertain or be entertained. Laugheter and great food goes hand in hand. Then also the most amazing coffee conversations over these lovely mugs....

Mrs G and Me...


Decisions, decisions

So sorry to bore you with 2 posts today but I just had to post about this husband and daughter went to the shop. There apparently she had to choose between grapes for herself or flowers for mommy...and she chose?



                                                   FLOWERS FOR MOMMY!

Star Buttons

Just had a delivery through the door of star buttons.  They are a bit smaller than the previous ones but I think they are perfect - it has just taken me about a year to find this style.

What do you think of this bootie?  Would a baby blue pair be nice too?