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Carry on 4 Babies

I have been meaning to post about this for some time now but as you all know sometimes time with me flies away and I just find myself weeks later not having done anything for a while.

A friend of mine who went to school with my sister recently started an initiative called Carry on 4 Babies.  I am so super impressed with her because she did the thing most of us talk about doing or dream about doing but just never seem to get around to or we think it is impossible.  She wanted to make a difference!  

Carry on 4 Babies started back in August 2013 and the process is really simple.  You donate baby clothes and it get's taken back to South Africa as carry on luggage.  Someone collects it from you on the other side.  Simple isn't it? It doesn't cost any money really just some time and a little bit of effort but it makes a huge difference in the babies lives as well as the ones that care for them.

To find out about how it works go and visit the Facebook Page where you will find out more information and you will be able to connect with like minded people that can help.

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