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One busy summer

Well it has been a very busy and crazy summer in this house hold with me working some ridicolous hours at work and balancing time with family and household.

The little one graduated nursery back in July and now we are working on getting ready for school.  Can't believe it has reached that time already!  Where did time go.

One of our favourite things to do is going to Crystal Palace Park.  I loved how they themed it with Dinosaurs.  It has a great little working farm too and if the weather holds tomorrow then we might just go for a wander again.

It has this amazing little coffee shop inside the station called Brown and Green.  Our first experience there was amazing and we have been back a couple of times.  It was recommended to us by my dear friend Lauren.  It's child friendly and full of yummy tasty home made food (great for little ones!)

Me and my husband both agree if we lived any closer we might just never have any money as we will be spending too much time there.

LJ also had the pleasure of spending two weeks of her summer holiday with her grand parents.  It was a nice break for us as well I have to say and really good for spending quality time with the hubby.

Watching the Ducks at Crystal Palace Park


Arrived at Crystal Palace Train Station

Counting the Dino's

Time to visit the best coffee shop in Town

Love that cup - so 70's

A project to keep me busy….

Bunny on a T-shirt for the little one to wear

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