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Be her Freedom

"Be her Freedom" - what a title to a blog and what an empowering statement to put out there in the world.  Not something I can take credit for but you can check out more information on this at

There you learn more about Sex Trafficking and Slavery. The statistics are mind blowing. It is the largest global organized crime today in the world and generates an income of up to $12 billion.  These women are forced to service up to 40 men a day.  To me the saddest statist is that 99% of the victims never get rescued.  This is scary and when I look at my beautiful little girl it scares me that this is the world that she grows up in.

But the good news is we can help, one person at a time - it will make a difference.  The sisterhood website gives you ideas of what you can do as an individual to raise awareness in your area and to those that are close to you.

Here is another shocking fact (for those living in Croydon) - Croydon has the highest rate of sex trafficking in the Greater London are if not the UK.  This is on my back door and I cannot turn a blind eye to this.

Knitaboo will find a way to raise awareness and make a would you??
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