Saturday, 4 June 2011

A new arrival

A dear friend of mine is due to have a baby soon.  Funny how it creates little twinges and suddenly makes you feel the need to do it all over again yourself. Yes, I am feeling the need to add another to my family.

But for now I feel content by just adding to my ever growing shop.  I knit with that same excitement of "How is it going to look like?"  ""Did I do it right?"  "Did I give it my best, nurture it, love it?"  My answer is always yes.  I feel a sense of such truimph when I cast off that last stitch and hold it up but the best I feeling is when I am able to post it on shop and send it out into the big wide world.

I am currently knitting a beautiful baby blanket for someone that wants to give it as a gift to a friend who is having a little boy soon.  I hope the blanket brings that mum to be just as much joy when she wraps her little bundle of joy in the softness of the wool.

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