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A few more hours of being 33

Ok, well in a few hours I will be turning 34...even though my wonderful husband keeps reminding me that age is just a number this week I really felt all of my 33 years. My dad was taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack and my little girl has been ill. Apart from a wonderful weekend it ended up being filled with constant checking of my phone. A little one coughing all through the night and lack of sleep all round. I did end up having fun with my awesome friend Rachel (wonderful designer of the Knitaboo logo and godmother to my daughter). She came over on Friday afternoon and we played around with the sewing machine and for once my little one played along and fell asleep on the couch. Seeing my friend getting to grips with the sewing machine has made my fingers itch...I think I will definately be expanding my sewing skills in 2012!
5 comments on "A few more hours of being 33"
  1. So sorry to hear your family's not well, hugs babe. And don't worry 34s not that bad, much like 33 actually x

  2. Don't worry about the age - it won't be any different. I do hope your dad and little one are both ok x

  3. oh dear, i hope your dad and little girl are both better very soon.
    happy birthday!
    love jooles x

  4. Thank you! Dad has gone home and little one is on the mend, apart from the fall she had at nursery but no bumps or bruises visible just yet!

  5. Happy birthday! Hope your baby girl is much better.


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