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Meet Bunny 21

I decided towards the end of last year that I want my little shop to have a conscious.  I also became the Charity Champion at work which I did not realise was going to be another job in itself!  But I am happy to do it and if I can make a difference then why not.

So I was thinking of a charity to I would like to donate to.  I have always wanted to find away to support the A21 campaign, get the word out on the street of what they do and what a difference they make so with my skill of knitting I decided to make this beautiful bunny, fill it with lots of softness and love.  I will be donating 25% of the sale of each Bunny to the A21 campaign.  Isn't it nice to know when you buy something you are also giving?  I love it!

We had the photo shoot for Bunny on Saturday.  Lauren (Lauren Fisher Photography) came over and we had so much fun taking the pictures, although my daughter kept trying to steel it when we weren't looking!

I hope you love this Bunny as I love making it.  Please pop over to Etsy and Folksy to purchase this for a upcoming baby shower or why not for yourself if you love Bunnies!
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