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Busy little Bee

What a terribly long week it has been.  I actually slept in!  Normally I would be downstairs by 6am the latest to work on something.  I did wake up at about 5.30 but the bed was just too warm!  I was hoping though when I peaked out the window we would have some snow...but no luck.  Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow.  Bring on the Snow!  There has to be a reason for being so cold and I know with the dull winter snow tends to perk things up, it brings excitement.  My little one keeps looking out the window hoping the snow will fall.

Photo by Angel Abhayaratna

2 comments on "Busy little Bee"
  1. We have a very light dusting of snow here, with the promise of quite a lot later on!!


    1. Hi Helen

      Did you end up getting more snow? Love the fact that it has been snowing since Friday. Had so much fun this weekend!


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