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Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

On Friday I finally I got my wish of lots of snow.  Where my desk sits at work I have a great view to the outside world and was able to see all the flurries coming down.  At about 10.15 I got that dreaded call from the Nursery but in some ways there was a hint of excitement because I got to experience the snow with my amazing daughter.

I still remember last year when she refused to walk in it or touch it and she had to be carried everywhere.  This year was so different.  Her little face was a picture when I finally got to her and for the first time in a while she was in a rush to leave the nursery.  Her first words when we got outside and the snow started falling on her was "It tickles!"

On the way home there was lots of little snowmen being built by LJ.  Then snow being chucked about. We finally got in doors and she could not wait for Daddy to get home.

Saturday we headed out into the garden to go and enjoy the snow.  It was hard to get her back in doors but we lured her in with a lovely mug of hot chocolate and for mommy?  A lovely cup of coffee!

1 comment on "Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow"
  1. Yay!!! Enjoy the snow while it lasts!!!
    Have a great week......


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