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Hello my lovely Blog...How I have missed you!

Ok, it has been a while since I have been on here and yes you will see that one of my posts has disappeared (will explain!)  I have had a slight case of the (Blog) writers Blog and wasn't always so sure what to write on here.  My life has been pretty normal lately just filled with work and doing some knitting on the odd occasion but it doesn't help that my computer just didn't want to be my friend either.

It's amazing how quickly the space filled up so we are saving for an external hard drive at the moment so I can transfer the photos of the laptop to create more space.  Not that my photography is as amazing as some of the people out there in blog land (check out Crafted By Carly and Lauren Hillhouse Photography at Kentish Delight!)  I am one very envious lady.  I have upgraded my camera and with the encouragement of Lauren I am trying to use it more but I am still thinking of paying for a one to one course with Nikon so I can get the basics down.  Yes I can buy a book and read all about it that way but then I am more of a "learn while you work" type of gal.

So the reason the 52 weeks of Thankful has disappeared was because I just was not being committed to it and following through therefore with my next post I will restart it again and will call either call it my Thankful or Happy posts.  What would you recommend?

One of my experimental photos what do you think?

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