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A friend of mine has signed up recently to something called 100 Happy Days.  I decided that it might be a good idea to start doing this in the hope that it will remind me of all the good in my life.  The things that I do that make me happy.  I would love to get back to my Happy Spot sooner rather than later.  What a nice idea this is!

Here are my first 4 days...

Day 1:  This made me happy because I got to have yummy ice cream with an amazing friend

Day 2:  It's Weekend and I get to hang with my Family!

Day 3:  It was nearly 5 in the afternoon and it was only Twilight then - spring is coming!

Day 4:  We hit the Hummingbird Bakery Book we have and made cupcakes (she did it in her Minnie Dress!)

These are all amazing reasons to be happy and as I am writing this out it is making me smile and provides me with happy thoughts.  I will keep posting and if it takes up to 200 Days then so be it!
If you decide to do the above do let me know I would love to see what you are posting!

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