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Some early Christmas shopping

This morning thanks with the help of my father in law the whole family got in the car and went to Ikea for breakfast.  Although my daughter's breakfast consisted of a cupcake (bad mommy!)  We bought a few bits for my daughters present and one half of it as well as some new Christmas Tree decorations.  After 3 tough years for our old Christmas decorations it is time to say good bye (we had them for 6 in total)

I am so excited about starting the decoration process tomorrow!
Something yummy to start the day


For mommy and daddy before the shop

A much needed cup of caffeine 

That hint of glass and big baubles are for the table decoration

Pink wrapping and tissue paper of course!

Looking for the ickle pickles present

Someone not so happy to be going home

Now just to keep my excitement in check!!
1 comment on "Some early Christmas shopping"
  1. That looks a yummy cupcake, just what is needed when Christmas shopping. x


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